LSCS offers Remote Support...

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Some of the issues that can be dealt with via a remote session are:
  • System maintenance to speed up the computer
  • Inspections to look into possible hardware upgrades
  • Email problems (either Client program based or Web-based)
  • Microsft Office (Word, Excel etc.) problems and help.
  • Virus and malware clean-ups
  • Installing and updating software
  • Problems with updates (Windows Updates or program updates)
  • Tuition and general PC advice

Please contact LSCS to setup the remote software or for more information

Subscription is £15 per year for each household or business and then £9 for each PC. There is then a quarter hourly rate for the actual support appointment.
Or an non-subscription service with includes an initial fee.

Telephone: 01159893300

Contact LSCS for more information

Remote software